How do I Choose the Best Fibromyalgia Doctors?

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To be certain you are choosing the best fibromyalgia doctors, you should check for board certification. The fibromyalgia doctors you choose should also have adequate experience in treating this condition. Getting recommendations from your present doctor may be helpful as well.

Before you find any fibromyalgia doctors, you need to find a qualified rheumatologist. Inquire from your primary care physician which rheumatologist he can refer you to. Assuming you have a medical insurance plan, go online and check the website. Most insurance companies will offer a list of physicians and specialists included in the insurance plan.

Finding a list of specialists that your insurance plan covers does not land you the best fibromyalgia doctors, however. Finding one with whom you feel comfortable may take a little effort on your part. Online services also offer listings of fibromyalgia doctors. Medical association websites can help locate a fibromyalgia doctors in your area. You will even be able to check your doctor's credentials on some of these websites.

Once you have a few fibromyalgia doctors in mind, write down the names, addresses, and phone numbers. Assuming you already have determined the doctor is a board certified rheumatologist, the first question to ask over the phone is how much experience the doctor has in treating your condition. You may feel more confident choosing a physicians who has treated the condition for several years rather than a doctor who is just beginning his practice in treating fibromyalgia.


Make an appointment relatively soon, and do not commit to selecting him above other fibromyalgia doctors until you are completely comfortable. Ask questions to learn if he accepts phone calls from patients who have concerns.

After familiarizing yourself with a handful of potential specialists, you will most likely know which doctor is right for you. Choose a doctor with whom you can communicate freely, who listens to all your concerns while offering his own opinions, and with whom you do not feel rushed. If you feel uncomfortable, it's best to look elsewhere. It's not a good idea to settle for a physician simply for convenience purposes. Don't stop looking until you find a doctor who accommodates your needs.



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