How do I Choose the Best Ergonomic Posture Chair?

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An ergonomic posture chair should support your spine and prevent muscles that surround the spine from tiring excessively throughout the day. The best ergonomic posture chair will be adequately adjustable to allow users of different sizes to find the most comfortable and supportive position while sitting at a desk and typing at a computer. Other versions of the ergonomic posture chair are designed to encourage the muscles that support the spine to strengthen and provide their own supports for the spine. A kneeling chair is one such chair. A user sitting in such a chair is put into a kneeling posture that promotes strength in the spine as well as an ergonomic sitting position.

Of course, if an expensive chair is out of your budget, you can simply add a lumbar pillow or posture cushion to your current office chair. Such a cushion is slipped behind the back near the lumbar spine — or lower back. This pushes the lumbar inward and allows the upper spine to rest outward in its most natural, L-shaped position. A neck pillow can add to the comfort and support, effectively creating a less expensive ergonomic posture chair. As with any chair, one should stand up and walk around periodically after sitting for long periods of time to allow the muscles of the back to relax.


A stability ball can make a good ergonomic posture chair as well. By replacing your office chair with this inflatable stability ball, you will be forced to sit in a more upright position, and the core muscles of the body that support the spine will be engaged. This promotes strengthening of those muscles and more stability throughout the spine. In between typing at the computer, you can use the stability ball to perform simple strength exercises as well; these exercises will work the core muscles: the lower back, groin, hips, and stomach.

The best ergonomic posture chair will be adjustable enough that the armrests can be positioned up or down to allow a better typing position and to keep undue stress off the shoulders. The seat will be adjustable up and down to assure one's feet rest comfortably and properly on the ground. The back will provide lumbar spine support as well as neck support, and the chair as a whole will work in conjunction with a desk set up that places the computer monitor at eye level, preventing the user from looking too far up or too far down at the screen, thereby causing neck pain.



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