How do I Choose the Best Ergonomic Desk Chair?

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To choose the best ergonomic desk chair for your needs you can typically look at a few key features and decide if the chair offers the benefits you need. In general, it is often easiest to consider each part of a chair and understand what you should look for in those areas. The back of the chair, for example, should provide upper, middle, and lower back support while also allowing you to recline comfortably during use. As you choose the best ergonomic desk chair for your needs, you should also consider the adjustability of the armrests and the height and width of the chair seat itself.

An ergonomic desk chair is a piece of furniture designed specifically as a chair for use when sitting at a desk for extended periods of time. Ergonomic features on this type of desk chair are usually designed to ensure comfortable usage and help prevent physical conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome and aches and pains in the back and shoulders. The back of an ergonomic desk chair should typically be tall enough to provide you with support throughout your entire back. Most ergonomic desk chairs will provide lumbar, or lower back, support, but you should also look for support for the rest of your back, and a chair back that can recline enough to let you sit comfortably.


The armrests of an ergonomic desk chair are important for proper comfort and physical health; they should be adjustable both up and down and toward and away from the seat. This will allow you to more easily adjust the arms for the height of your desk, ensuring the proper angle for your wrists while typing. The arms of an ergonomic desk chair should be adjustable away from and toward the seat to provide you with enough hip room while sitting in the chair.

An ergonomic desk chair should have a seat that is thick enough to remain comfortable over long use and wide enough to provide you with a little extra space on each side while seated. The seat should also be adjustable and allow you to move it up and down, usually through a pressurized mechanism that can be adjusted to just about any height. This will allow you to ensure proper posture; you should be able to sit with your feet flat on the ground without having to bend your knees. You may also want to look for an ergonomic desk chair with a five-point base to provide you with greater stability while you are seated.



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