How do I Choose the Best Christian Summer Jobs?

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Choosing the best Christian summer job depends on your interests, skills, how much time you can commit to the position and what you expect to be paid. Christian summer jobs often center on camping trips for children, retreats for families or training seminars for people already in ministry. Whatever job you pursue, make sure that it matches your interests and abilities.

If you have a knack for working with children, for example, child care or a camp setting might be ideal. If you like hearing guest speakers and working behind the scenes to help organize events, a large conference or training seminar might be a good setting for you. Also consider whether you want to work for a short period of time or for an entire summer.

A Christian organization might have a camp program that runs for several weeks or for just a weekend. In some cases, churches or Christian organizations might need temporary help over the summer. This can include temporary office or cleaning staff members to cover for when regular staff members are on vacation. If interested, you can check with your church or local churches to see if they need any temporary help over the summer.

Some of the other Christian summer jobs you might find include working as a camp counselor, camping director or camping support staff member. Another option is overseeing sports and other activities through a Christian recreation program. This can be part of a camping program, or it might be a standalone program.

Christian summer jobs also can be found through online Christian job boards. Employers for Christian summer jobs likely will ask you about your faith. Depending on the kind of Christian summer jobs you seek, a reference from your church also might be required. Try to secure references before applying so you are certain that you can provide references that will be favorable. In other words, pick people who know you well and can vouch for your faith, character and work ethic.

You also should be aware of the expectations that can come with Christian summer jobs. If you are working in a camp setting, you might be expected to work very long hours for low pay. Camping activities often take place from early in the morning until the evening hours. After that, you might be responsible for responding to additional needs for the campers whom you are overseeing.

Also be aware that some summer Christian jobs are non-paying positions. If making money is not your primary goal, it might be worthwhile to consider a volunteer position. A volunteer position still can be used to gain valuable work experience and make a contribution in a Christian setting. It also can be included in your résumé when applying for jobs in the future.



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