How do I Choose the Best Cherry Coffee Table?

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Choosing the best cherry coffee table for your home should be fairly simple if you take the time to find a size, shape and color that will coordinate attractively with the furniture you already have. If you're buying a coffee table along with other living room pieces, keep those in mind as you shop so you can create a stylish yet cohesive look in your home. If your budget allows, look for solid cherry wood rather than veneers.

Wood veneer is a thin coating of real wood, in this case, cherry, that is applied over inexpensive wooden materials. Solid wood, on the other hand, contains no veneers or other products except perhaps stain or finish. If the cherry coffee table is solid wood, the drawers and other small parts of the piece may have some veneers; this is usually acceptable in terms of quality. It's important to know whether the money you'll be spending is in proportion to the worth of the table. A solid wood cherry coffee table is usually considerably more expensive than the completely veneer version.


Traditional as well as modern cherry tables are widely available today. You should decide on whether you want a contemporary or classic cherry coffee table as well as a light or dark finish. Generally speaking, light cherry coffee tables tend to have a more informal, casual look, while the dark versions are often elegant in appearance. Pay attention to the shape of the legs. If the rest of your living room furniture legs are straight, a cherry wood coffee table with cabriolet, or curved, legs may make the piece look mismatched.

When it comes to the shape and size of the coffee table, decide what you like the looks of but also consider how it will look with your living room seating. A small sofa with a large cherry coffee table will look disproportionate. If you have a sectional sofa, you'll likely need to measure the space in which you'd fit a coffee table before choosing the best shape. Oval or oblong cheery coffee tables usually tend to fit better in living rooms with sectional sofas than large rectangular or square pieces.

Pay attention to detail when choosing the best cherry coffee table for your living room. If your seating furniture is patterned or printed, an elaborately carved cherry wood coffee table may not be the best choice or the result could look overdone and dated. If you like a lot of detail, consider a cherry apothecary coffee table. It has many drawers, but is likely to suit a living room with an attention to detail.



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