How do I Choose the Best Small Coffee Table?

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Several factors go into choosing the best small coffee table. First, the individual who is interested in a small coffee table has to decide whether the table should be do-it-yourself, vintage, or factory-new. The table should be made of the best material possible within a set budget. Personal design ideas can also influence a coffee table purchase.

Coffee tables can be hand-made, antique or factory-new. The advantage of making a coffee table from scratch is that the table can be one of a kind. In addition, do-it-yourself coffee tables can be less expensive overall than comparable factory-new tables. One does not necessarily have to be particularly handy to make a small coffee table. A reasonably priced home-made small coffee table can be made by placing a piece of glass over a small trunk purchased at a garage sale.

Antique and vintage furniture is inherently green. In effect, buying gently used furniture keeps the items from being tossed into landfills. It also takes energy to produce furniture, something that does not occur when old furniture is reused. In addition, a vintage or antique small coffee table can be better made and better looking than similar coffee table that has been mass produced.


One of the advantages of purchasing a new small coffee table is that the table may be able to be returned if the table is damaged. This means that one may be able to return or exchange a coffee table that was damaged in the manufacturing process. In addition, one may be able to return or exchange a table that was damaged when it was transported.

There are a variety of materials that can be used to make a small coffee table. These materials include wood, glass, and metals. In addition, tables made with wood veneers, which are less expensive than wood, are available. Veneer tables are made by using a thin, more expensive sheet of wood glued onto inexpensive wood, so that the surface of the table has a more lush appearance. Coffee tables made from a combination of glass and metal or wood and glass are also on the market. Personal preference and budget constraints determine the material picked for a coffee table.

Some people choose an eclectic interior design of their homes. For example, a person may enjoy the contrasts of an antique piece of furniture in opposition to a modern piece. For those who have a more traditional outlook on interior design, the small coffee table should fit in with the major furniture style in the room.



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