How Do I Choose the Best Ceramic Hair Dryer?

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In order to choose the best ceramic hair dryer, consider the airflow and heat produced by the dryer, what other features it has, and its ease of use. More power and more heat are not always better when it comes to hair dryers, so you will want to make sure that you buy what is best for you, specifically. Ceramic hair dryers have certain advantages, but there are also other popular technologies available in addition to the ceramic element. Part of what makes a hair dryer more popular is how easy to use and helpful its features are.

The amount of power a ceramic hair dryer can produce is measured in watts and determines how hot the hair dryer can get. Experts recommend 1,200 to 1,500 watts for people with fine or damaged hair and 1,800 or more watts for those with wavy or thick hair. On some ceramic hair dryers, the level of heat can be controlled by a switch that can cut off or add power to sections of the heating element, increasing or decreasing the amount of heat produced.


Airflow is generated by the fan inside the dryer, and different types of fans may produce slightly different types of airflow. Some may be more efficient than others. In addition, the shape and length of the barrel on the dryer can affect the airflow as it leaves the dryer. The rate of airflow can usually be controlled by switches on the hair dryer that change the speed at which the fan is running.

Ceramic hair dryers have become very popular because the ceramic coating on the heating element is thought to promote more even and better controlled heat. The better you can control the heat of your dryer, the less unnecessary damage your hair will sustain, so finding a good quality ceramic heating element can be very important. A ceramic hair dryer may also come with ionic or tourmaline technology. Ionic hair dryers produce negative ions which are believed to dry hair more efficiently and help reduce frizz. Tourmaline is crushed up gemstone that is often mixed into the ceramic on the heating element and is thought to produce even more negative ions than the original ionic technology.

When shopping for your ceramic hair dryer, do not forget that much of your satisfaction with a product will come from how easy it is to use. It may be helpful to think about how heavy a hair dryer is, as excessive weight is a common complaint about hair dryers, and lighter-weight versions are available. The location of the controls may also be an important feature to look into, as poorly placed buttons can be difficult or even annoying during regular use. Many ceramic hair dryers also come with attachments which you may find to be useful. The amount of noise that your ceramic hair dryer makes could affect how happy you are with it in the long run, so check consumer reviews before making your purchase.



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