What Are the Different Types of Hair Dryer Accessories?

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Some of the most common hair dryer accessories include diffusers, hoods, and wall mounts. Various brush or comb style attachments are also popular, as are dryers that include attachments for scalp massage. Both hand-held and pedestal style dryers often come with carrying cases for use when traveling.

Diffusers are probably the most popular of all the various hair dryer accessories, and are primarily used with hand-held dryers. They can be purchased in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. The size and shape of the diffuser determines how it can be used in terms of styling. Large diffusers are typically used to help maintain natural curl and waves. Smaller diffusers are used to concentrate the heat toward specific sections of hair, which can help cut down on frizz and make the hair sleeker.

Many hand-held hair dryers include hair dryer accessories in the form of brushes and combs. In most cases, these are used to create specific hairstyles. Both can be used to shape the hair as it dries. The heat released from the dryer works with the brush or comb to help the hair hold the desired shape.


Most pedestal style dryers include hoods or caps to help concentrate the heat. Some hair dryer caps are designed to seal in the hair as it dries. These are often used when the hair is in curlers, as the concentrated heat typically makes the curls tighter and more long-lasting. Hair dryer hoods can also be used with curlers, but because some of the heat escapes around the edges, using this type of accessory can sometimes lengthen the hair-drying process, and may not result in long-lasting curls.

Some portable hair dryers come with complimentary travel bags that are roomy enough to hold both the dryer and accessories. These bags usually have a zipper or drawstring closure, and some of them even have added sections designed to hold makeup or toiletries. Travel bags for hair dryers can also be purchased separately at most beauty supply retailers.

One of the most convenient of all hair dryer accessories is the wall mount. The mount is attached to the wall, typically near a mirror and electric outlet. The wall mount makes it possible to keep the dryer conveniently located, and helps save drawer and counter space.

Attachments that work as scalp massagers can be purchased for many types of hand-held portable hair dryers. They are usually round and have rubber prongs that protrude from the center. The prongs have rounded tips so that they will not tangle the hair while being used. Some research indicates that scalp massage may help stimulate oil production in the scalp, which may help prevent hair from drying out.



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