How do I Choose the Best Canadian Tax Preparation Service?

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Consumers have a number of options when it comes to Canadian tax preparation services. Depending on how comfortable a person feels tackling their own income tax forms, he or she can have their return looked after by one of the tax preparation services operating in the first quarter of the year or a chartered accountant. A third option for dealing with income tax is to use a tax preparation software package.

Canadian income tax law can be confusing for the average person. Not only are there multiple forms and schedules that need to be completed and filed, but the Income Tax Act changes yearly. The rules that applied for one taxation year may be altered or scrapped entirely for a subsequent one.

One option available for Canadian tax preparation is to use a tax service. These companies offer tax preparation for individuals and are set up at multiple locations during the tax season. After the April 30 deadline to file a Canadian tax return, the satellite locations no longer operate. A customer who has a question or a concern about his or her taxes can visit the company's permanent location in the off season to have the matter dealt with.


Visiting a chartered accountant is another choice available to Canadians. These professionals offer Canadian tax preparation services and advice to clients. A chartered accountant will charge more than a service that provides basic tax preparation services only. Unless the taxpayer's situation is a complicated one, this may not be the best or most economical choice for him or her.

A third option available to taxpayers is to use tax preparation software to complete a return. A consumer can buy a package from a retailer or download the software to his or her computer. Some of the Canadian tax preparation software packages available allow customers to try the software before buying it. This means they can complete returns for themselves and their family members and are only required to pay for it when they wish to print the return or file it electronically with the government.

The best Canadian tax preparation service is the one that an individual taxpayer feels comfortable using. Not everyone knows how to prepare their own tax return, and lack of time may be an issue for people who are familiar with income tax procedures. There is help available, and consumers need to keep in mind that getting the forms completed and filed on time is biggest priority.



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