How do I Choose the Best Tax Return Service?

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Choose a credible tax return service that is willing to communicate with you and the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) if questions arise. If you have specialized needs, choose a service provider who specializes in those types of tax cases. The best way to find such a service may be through a referral from someone with similar circumstances. Pay attention to how clients are charged and avoid any tax preparation company that wants a percentage of your return.

It is important for you to remember that paying a tax return service does not release you from responsibility for information that is submitted on your behalf. As the consequences for mistakes, inaccuracies, or other problems can be quite severe, you should investigate any service provider that you are considering. If you find out that the service has been reprimanded in the past, has been or is currently under investigation, or has a bad reputation, you should choose a different service. You can check this information with organizations such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Getting a referral can be an excellent way of selecting a tax return service. It is best to accept suggestion from individuals who have tax circumstances similar to yours. For example, if you are single and a small business owner, the best service provider for you may differ from that of the married stay-at-home mother.


You are likely to find that a lot of tax services conduct substantial amounts of business. The issue that often arises with these companies is that the majority of the returns that they file are often fairly standard. If you have specialized needs, many of the staff members at these companies may not even be qualified to help you. It is best, therefore, to try to find a tax return service that normally addresses those needs.

Consider the costs involved in having your taxes prepared. This can tell you a lot about a business. Preparation fees should not be one size fits all. If a college student’s sole income is earned from a part-time job, she should not have to pay the same preparation costs as a small business owner. You should also completely avoid any tax return service that wants to charge you a percentage of your return. According to the IRS, this type of pricing scheme is forbidden.

Choose a tax return service that is personable and accessible. You should have your taxes handled by a company that you can easily communicate with and that is willing to communicate with the IRS regarding issues with the return. Also remember that you do not always have to restrict yourself to businesses that are strictly tax return services. Depending on your circumstances, it may be best for you to have your taxes prepared by an accountant.



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