How do I Choose a Barber Shop School?

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A barber shop school will teach you everything that you need to know to get started working as a barber. Choosing the right school is important to your future success. There are several steps that you should take to ensure you choose the barber shop school that is right for you.

First, make a list of the barber shop schools in your area. You can find the listings in your local phone book. Only write down the schools that are a comfortable commute from your home. Call each school and be prepared to take notes.

If you plan to work while attending school, it is important to ask how the classes are structured. Also, ask if they offer business classes in addition to barbering classes. If you can only attend night classes, some schools may automatically be marked off of your list. Ask about the payment schedule for classes and what types of financial aid are available. Finally, ask if they help new graduates find jobs.

Once you have your answers from all of the local barber schools, some probably look more attractive than others. Number your choices, with your first choice barber school at the top of the list. Now, approach barbers that work on your area and ask them where they attended school and what their experiences were like.


Word of mouth is the best way to get accurate feedback about the quality of different schools. It is important to realize that some people may hold a grudge against one school, teacher or administrator. If you get consistently negative feedback about one barber shop school, however, it should raise a red flag.

After you have talked to some people who work as barbers, you may find that you want to renumber your list. Now is the time to call back your top choice and request admission information. Ask how to sign up for any available financial aid and when the next term begins.

In many cases, there is a fee for applying to a barber shop school, so you will want to do your research before your application goes in. You also want to make sure that you meet their prequalifications so that you don’t spend time and money on a school that will not accept you as a student. Once you start school, it is important to stay current with your classes. Barber shop school moves at a quick pace, and if you fall behind it can be difficult to catch up.



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Post 2

I think going to to a barber college is absolutely necessary for anyone trying to make their way in the hair industry these days. People think of barber shops as relaxed places where they do nothing but crew cuts and old man comb overs.

But the reality is that today's men demand a range of different styles and looks, some of which are really complicated and require a lot of technique from the barber. The only way to cut consistently good hair and advance your craft is to get a solid training in the fundamentals. Its the only real way to prepare.

Some people try to write barber courses off as wasted money. They think you can get all your experience just hanging around a shop. The truth is that these guys mess up a lot of people's hair and never master more than a few styles. They hold themselves back because they aren't properly trained.

Post 1

There is a lot to be gained from getting proper barber training at one of the barber colleges. But I think the biggest part of being a good barber is working with an experienced pro and getting lots of on the job training.

Being a barber is about more than just cutting good hair. It is about the whole experience of being in the barber shop. Its a social thing for people and you have to manage the space so that it works for everyone. You can't learn this in barber school. You just have to spend a lot of time in the shop, get to know the guys and the patterns and probably give a few bad haircuts. All the best barbers cut their chops on the job.

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