How do I Find Barber Jobs?

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While many people prefer to patronize styling salons today, there are still a number of barbers and barber shops in operation around the world. In fact, formal training for new barbers is available in many communities and enrollment in these training courses remains steady. If you have recently completed your studies and obtained your barber license, there are several ways you can go about find barber jobs in your area.

One good resource for possible positions is through your school. Whether you attended a barber school or obtained your educational credentials through a local vocational school, there is a good chance they can help you identify employment opportunities within the area. Speak with your advisor for leads on barber jobs both in the immediate area and other locality that is within a reasonable distance from your home.

An apprenticeship with a local barber can often lead to a permanent position. Often, this type of arrangement commences while you are still in barber school and involves handling other tasks such as sweeping up, laundering the linens, or offering shaves to customers. By the time you graduate and obtain your license, there is a permanent place for you in the shop.


Registering with local employment agencies may also yield some leads on barber shops. Even a temporary service may be able to help you find short-term work in a local shop. This can actually work to your advantage. If you get along with the full time staff at the shop and begin to build rapport with the regular clients, you may be invited to stay on permanently.

You can also take the direct approach when looking for barber jobs. Make the rounds of the barber shops in your area. While they may not be willing to take you on as an employee, it may be possible to rent a barber chair in an established shop. In exchange for a weekly or monthly chair rental fee, you can begin to build a clientele and establish yourself as reliable barber. In some situations, the monthly chair rental is the only cost you will need to pay to the shop owner. However, it is often the case that you pay a small percentage of what you earn from each hair cut to the owner as well.

Today, there is no rule that says you must work in a barber shop in order to find work as a barber. When barber jobs are scarce, create your own by becoming a roving barber. Essentially, you make appointments with clients and go to them, rather than the customers coming to you. By advertising in local publications and at online sites dedicated to your community, you can begin to build a clientele involving businessmen that cannot get away from the office or cutting hair for people who are homebound for some reason. Just make sure you own your own barber equipment and can place everything you need in a shoulder bag.

While barber jobs are not as plentiful as they once were, there is still an excellent chance you can find a way to establish yourself in the community and make a comfortable living. Whether on your own or by building a connection with an existing business, you are likely to find your career as a barber to be an excellent choice.



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