How Do I Become an Online Account Manager?

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The criteria you will have to meet to become an online account manager may vary from employer to employer. Generally, however, you will need a college degree, though some employers may hire you if you have significant related experience in lieu of a degree. An undergraduate degree or equivalent experience may prove sufficient for obtaining this job, but earning a master's degree may open the doors to more opportunities for you. Additionally, having good communication, computer, and organizational skills may improve your chances of landing this job.

Earning a college degree may help you when you want to become an online account manager. While each prospective employer may set different criteria for hiring people for this job, many prefer to hire individuals who have earned four-year college degrees. You might find earning a degree in a major such as business, finance, or accounting particularly helpful. College education that is related to public relations or advertising may also prove helpful, depending on the industry in which you hope to become an online account manager.

While an undergraduate degree often will open the doors to online account manager job opportunities, this doesn't necessarily mean you cannot land such a job without a degree. If you have extensive experience with a company or in a particular industry, you may find that it is possible to work your way up to this position without a degree. You might also land this job with a degree in an unrelated subject, especially if you have experience that relates to the position you seek. Additionally, earning a master's degree may make you a more attractive job candidate.

If you have a degree but do not have significant related experience, you may find internships helpful in your pursuit of an online account manager job. For example, if you hope to become an online account manager for a financial company, pursuing a finance-related internship may help you learn the ins and outs of the industry and build valuable contacts. The same may apply for account manager jobs in other industries as well.

You will likely need a range of skills in order to become an online account manager. For example, you typically will need good written and verbal skills as well as the ability to problem-solve and get along well with others. To succeed in this career, you also may need good analytical and sales skills. Prospective employers will generally expect you to be reliable, trustworthy, organized, and detail oriented. You will probably need excellent computer and Internet skills as well.


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