How do I Become a Strategic Account Manager?

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There are several different ways to become a strategic account manager. One path is higher education. Pursuing either a bachelor's or master's degree, especially in a related field, will often lead to a career in strategic account management. Non-degree training programs may also be effective. Another option is work experience; a degree is not always required in this field.

Strategic account managers are generally responsible for delivering profits and providing customer satisfaction. They do this by developing strategies and plans for businesses. This is usually done by pinpointing the needs of clients or companies so that both short-term and long-term goals can be developed and, in turn, met by the company.

If an individual wishes to earn a bachelor's degree to become a strategic account manager, there are several fields that can be studied. Though specialized field of study is not always necessary, there are some fields that are generally more useful than others. These include sales management, marketing, business administration, accounting, or advertising.

For those who wish to become a supervisor in the field of strategic account management, a master's degree in business administration or business management may be required. Individual companies may have different requirements. An advanced degree will generally allow the strategic account manager to oversee other account managers within the company. Having an advanced degree also generally means that someone can get a higher-paying job with more responsibilities.


Sometimes, a degree is not necessary to pursue a career as a strategic account manager. In this case, three to five years of work experience in a related area may be required as a substitute for education. Experience in sales or accounting may be beneficial. Sometimes, a company will promote someone from one of these departments to the position of strategic account manager.

Some companies offer hands-on training to individuals hired as strategic account managers. Trainees will often learn how to supervise the work of salespeople. They may also learn how to research and monitor client preferences and make sure that salespeople meet any quotas that are required by the company. Training may also include background information on company-specific computer software and databases that aid in the management of client and employee information.

Internships are another way to become a strategic account manager, especially for college students. Since strategic account managers often supervise salespeople or other managers, internships may help students to learn the communication skills necessary to this kind of position. Being able to present information clearly and explain plans and goals to clients may be crucial to the position.



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