How do I Become an Office Supervisor?

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An office supervisor is a man or woman who manages both employees and practices in a business setting. He or she usually works closely with employees, fellow supervisors, and bosses to make sure that productivity and efficiency standards are met. This type of professional often becomes involved in creating new office policies, hiring workers, and recommending individuals for promotions. Many skills, abilities, educational requirements, and years experience are needed to become an office supervisor. Most employers seek prospective supervisors who hold college degrees, have extensive experience in office settings, and can demonstrate their abilities to make important decisions and communicate with others.

A person who wants to become an office supervisor should develop his or her interpersonal and problem-solving skills. Effective communication with employees as well as executives is essential to maintaining productivity and positive relationships within an office. A supervisor must be able to help struggling employees improve their work by explaining procedures, providing additional training, and offering expert advice. He or she is usually the first point of contact when an employee has a problem or dispute, and the supervisor tries to resolve issues as quickly and efficiently as possible. An individual who can show employers that he or she is capable of making quick, effective decisions and communicating clearly with others is often awarded the opportunity to become an office supervisor.


Most modern offices employ computers to keep track of records and company files, allow communication between employees and customers, and manage payroll and expenses. An individual who wants to become an office supervisor should master his or her computer skills so that he or she can provide technical support and keep files well-organized. The ability to demonstrate computer proficiency is usually highly desirable by potential employers.

Many corporations prefer to hire office supervisors who have obtained business, finance, or human resources degrees from accredited educational institutions. An associate or bachelor's degree is usually sufficient for employment, though some large companies prefer supervisors to possess master's degrees. Obtaining a college degree shows prospective employers that an individual is responsible, self-reliant, and capable of achieving difficult goals.

In addition to educational requirements, skills, and abilities, a person who wants to become an office supervisor can benefit greatly by gaining experience in clerical and office settings. Companies often prefer to promote workers from within their systems to the ranks of office supervisors instead of hiring new people. An established employee seeking a promotion should come to fully understand company policies and expectations, create good rapport with coworkers and managers, and speak with human resources directors about opportunities for advancement.



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