How Do I Become an Inventory Taker?

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Before you become an inventory taker, you will likely need to obtain a high school diploma. It can be a good idea to perfect your written communication skills and mathematical abilities, because the inventory taker requirements of some companies include testing in these areas. You may want to look for jobs that can give you related experience, and some of these could be working as a shipping, receiving, or stocking clerk. Once you are confident you have the right skills, a good place to begin looking for work is with a temporary employment agency.

College courses are generally not required for you to become an inventory taker. Many positions are open only to those who have a high school diploma, or the equivalent. You may need to attach copies of this diploma or proof of your education to your resume, so it can be a good idea to have a few extra photocopies available for this purpose.


Some of the inventory taker duties you may be assigned to do could include adding or subtracting quantities, preparing invoices, and delivering reports detailing the findings of an inventory audit. In some cases, you may be asked to manually prepare documents, but in other cases, you could have access to a computer to help you with this. Since your ability to make accurate calculations and complete written reports might be important career requirements, you should make sure you are comfortable doing these things before you become an inventory taker.

There are a number of positions that include some aspects of inventory taking, and one of these jobs can help you gain the experience you need to become an inventory taker. If you are able to find work in a warehouse, you may be asked to count freight as it is either loaded or unloaded at the facility. This can help you develop much-needed skills such as sorting products and determining quantities. Stocking shelves in a retail outlet can also benefit you because many of them require you to use a hand-held scanner, and knowing how to use this device can help you land a job as an inventory taker.

Many times, inventory takers work seasonally or are hired for temporary assignments. A good place to look for work may be through a temporary employment agency. It can be a good idea to apply for work with more than one agency, especially if you would like to eventually make this type of work your primary occupation.



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