How Do I Become an Inventory Coordinator?

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Professionals who work in inventory coordinator jobs are responsible for organizing items and materials in a warehouse or distribution center and for making sure that they are properly delivered to manufacturers, consumers, or retailers. Inventory coordinators use physical asset tracking systems to count items and may perform inspections to ensure health of items and products. To become an inventory coordinator, it is not necessary to earn a four-year undergraduate degree, though an education in a field such as management or accounting can help you to succeed in more competitive job markets. In some regions it might also be possible to earn professional certification specifically in inventory management.

A person who would like to become an inventory coordinator needs to be able to perform sometimes challenging physical labor and must also be able to perform back office duties. In other words, professionals in these positions often must unload shipments, which might require them to lift heavy objects. They also are responsible for composing bills of materials, calculating costs, and performing logistical work. A person who would like to become an inventory coordinator should be in excellent physical shape and should also have an aptitude for business math.


To become an inventory coordinator, you can start with an entry level inventory job. This kind of position might require you to unload incoming shipments, stock items that are delivered, and prepare items for outgoing shipments. If you have your aims set on a particular industry, such as manufacturing or retail, you should take an entry level position in this industry. By having specialized experience, you can prepare yourself for promotions.

Employers want to know that job candidates for inventory coordinator positions are capable of handling great deals of responsibility. These professionals often are responsible for streamlining the movement of items from warehouses to manufacturers to retailers and consumers. In order to prove you have the skills to become an inventory coordinator, you can benefit from taking professional development courses, even if they do not result in a certification or degree. Become familiar with logistics and accounting software. You might even want to take management or leadership classes.

A person who wants to become an inventory coordinator should develop a resume that reflects his or her skills and experiences. A resume also can benefit from any awards or honors that you receive. For instance, if you receive an employee of the month award in inventory because of your dedication to the job and attention to detail, you might want to mention this at the bottom of your resume.



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