How do I Become an Engine Rebuilder?

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You can become an engine rebuilder by studying automotive technology at a local trade or technical school, working under a licensed repairman, or practicing on your own cars and trucks. The licensing and schooling requirements vary by location and by individual employer, but formal education may not be needed by everyone. Check with requirements in your area before undergoing any formal or self-taught program.

One way you can become an engine rebuilder is to attend an accredited institution which teaches automotive repair. These classes may offer specialized training engine repair, or they may cover a broad range of topics needed in the automotive repair field. You can choose to specialize in engine repair after graduation, or you may choose to offer an variety of other services. Training in various automotive repair techniques may be needed if you wish to work at a repair shop.

To find the right school, visit campuses in your area and speak with a student advisor. Discuss with him your goal to become an engine rebuilder and ask about any classes being offered which provide training in this area. You may also be able to get inside information on companies in your area who have hired former graduates from the school, as well as income information for rebuilders.


In some areas a formal education may not be required; however, a school may offer you the opportunity to take part in an internship prior to graduation. This would be part of your studies and you would work with a current professional in the field while finishing your classes. By taking part in this type of program, you may be offered a job by the company for which you are interning, although this is not guaranteed.

You may also become an engine rebuilder by learning the trade either through working your way up in a company or by repairing your own vehicles. This is generally a longer route to finding work in the field, but it will allow you to work while you learn as well as give you hands-on experience. Keep in mind that not all companies will hire someone without certification from a formal school.

Once you have received training or feel that you have mastered your skills, you can being looking for employment by calling companies in the area or by looking in classified ads for those who are hiring engine rebuilders. Put together a resume highlighting your skills in the industry, along with any work experience you have in the field. If you have not had a job in the automotive industry yet, mention any work you’ve done for friends, any internships held, and any jobs you have had that taught you any valuable skills. For instance, if you have worked as a checkout clerk for a store, you can mention that you are used to working with customers in a fast paced environment.



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