What are Engine Rebuilders?

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Engine rebuilders are a company or person that rebuilds automobile engines to either return them to near new condition or upgrade them. Engine rebuilders fulfill an important role in the automobile repair marketplace. When an automobile suffers from a catastrophic engine failure, a replacement engine is often purchased from an engine rebuilder's company to replace the damaged part. This is often a financially wise option, with the rebuilt engine often being more cost effective than repairing the damaged original.

Many engine rebuilders offer engines in varying levels of assembly. The engine can be purchased as a complete unit ready to install or as a short block consisting of only the engine block and rotating assembly. If the customer needs a more complete assembly, the engine rebuilders can complete a long block unit by adding heads to the assembly.

In many cases, engine rebuilders also offer engines in varying degrees of performance levels. A customer can purchase an engine to be used in the family sedan or in a high-performance race car. With a high-performance engine, the engine rebuilders will often use the best parts to increase the horsepower as well as the reliability of the engine. Many engine rebuilders advertise and buy performance engine components from the general public to use as cores for a performance line of products.


In the case of the average rebuilt engine, the rebuilt engine price includes the customer's broken engine in trade. This broken engine then becomes a core to be rebuilt for another customer. The engine is stripped of its useful parts and the cleaning and rebuilding process begins. In some cases, the rebuilt engines are mechanically superior to the factory original.

Most rebuilding companies employ several machine shop specialists to complete the highly sensitive machining procedures. Jobs such as boring a cylinder block and grinding of the crank shaft require highly trained machinists to ensure a proper fit when finished. Rebuilding the cylinder heads and grinding valves are just two more of the specialized jobs that require experts to complete.

While the vast majority of assembly work is completed by many individuals on an assembly line, the task of rebuilding a high-performance engine is usually given to one employee. The engine rebuilders typically employ a few people who specialize in high-performance engine building. These individuals are tasked with building the engine from start to finish. This ensures a uniform build without the chance of oversight in the assembly process.

Many rebuilders warranty their products with policies equal to or greater than those of the original manufacturer. Quality parts at reduced prices while maintaining durability is the key for a successful rebuilder. The engine rebuilder offers a needed service in the automobile industry.



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Yes, by starting with a short block, the builder need not worry with bearing and ring fit. These two steps are an area that results in poor performance and short lived engines by many amateur engine builders.

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Does anyone know if the short block is a good place for a beginner to start rebuilding his or her own engine?

I am not confident starting from nothing and would love your opinion.

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