How do I Become an Associate Publisher?

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You can become an associate publisher in one of several ways. If you wish to work for a large publishing house or with a well-known magazine, you will likely need a four year college degree. You may also choose to go with a smaller publication or work with someone you know to create your own business. Begin by getting the education you need, and follow up with contacting publishers in your area.

In most cases you will do well with a degree in business, English, or a related field. Since the publishing industry generally combines art with business practices, you may benefit from studies in either of those areas. Find a university in your area and ask about classes that you feel may be of interest to you, as well as being a good fit for your career goals.

Once you have obtained the education you need, or if you already have a college degree, you should begin your job search by calling publishers in your area and asking about potential job opportunities. If there are none available at that time or in the area you want, you may be able to take a job elsewhere in the company and become an associate publisher later on. This is a good way to learn the ropes of the publishing industry and gain respect in in a particular organization.


Sometimes you may be able to become an associate publisher by joining forces with another person and starting your own venture. This may include a small magazine, booklet, or newsletter. By doing this you will learn to design, market, and choose talent for your own items. Not only can this eventually generate a good income, but you will learn valuable inside tips of the trade that may allow you to become an associate editor with a larger company later on if you desire.

If you do not have any luck finding a job in your area at the time you begin your search, you may decide to take a position at another company or in a publishing company as an editor, copywriter, or another professional position. When a position for associate publisher becomes available, you may have more of a chance at getting it if you’ve been with the company for any length of time.

Internships are also valuable opportunities if you want to become an associate publisher because you will get hands-on experience in the industry while still in school. Ask to work with the current associate publisher and ask all the questions you can. Sometimes, if you do well in an internship, you may be offered a position with the company upon graduation.



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