How do I Become a Textbook Publisher?

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To become a textbook publisher, you will need certain knowledge and skill sets to allow you to work in the textbook industry. Much like other types of publishers, you will need strong language and communication skills, as well as a background in one or more specific subject areas. If you are looking to become a textbook publisher, then you should consider getting a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in English or a related field, or a degree in a specific topic with a secondary focus in language or writing. You should think about what field you are interested in, and what sort of experts you could effectively work with to ensure the finished textbook is accurate and usable.

While textbook publishers differ from other types of publishers in certain ways, they are still primarily concerned with many of the same issues and duties. You will likely need to have excellent communication and interpersonal skills to become a textbook publisher as you will be working with a number of different people and coordinating multiple efforts and projects. While you do not necessarily need the knowledge and technical skills needed to write a textbook, you should still have some understanding of the field you are working in.


Different countries and areas have different regulations regarding publishing, but the general skills and abilities you will need to become a textbook publisher are fairly similar between them. Language, writing, and communication skills are important, as is time management and the ability to oversee multiple projects and groups of people simultaneously. You may want to consider a degree in English or another language or related area to help you become a textbook publisher.

Some colleges and universities also offer programs specifically in publishing. These can range from certification programs that can take two weeks to full semester or year programs. There are also some universities that offer post-graduate programs that can allow you to receive a master’s degree in publishing and this can certainly help you get into the field. Book publishing has frequently been a profession that has remained steady even during economic difficulties, and textbook publishing can sometimes even grow as unemployment pushes more people into receiving further education to become more employable.

Once your education is complete, you will want to contact publishing houses to find opportunities for employment. You may need to start at a different position, such as editor, to get the experience and time in the industry to become a textbook publisher. Consider different textbook companies and look for unexpected opportunities to build your reputation within the industry.



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