How do I Become an Assistant to the Regional Manager?

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In order to become an assistant to the regional manager, candidates must have a combination of computer skills, related work experience, and interpersonal skills. The primary duty of this position is to manage the many administrative functions necessary to manage a large regional operation. For example, many assistants are responsible for all correspondence and scheduling of meetings for the regional manager.

A regional manager's assistant works closely with people from all areas of the business organization, ensuring that time lines are met, messages communicated, and that all staff who report directly to the regional manager are following procedures. Interpersonal skills and conflict management is very important in this role. The ability to work with others in a professional manner determines who will be successful.

The training required to become an assistant to the regional manager is typically a two- to three-year post-secondary training program. These programs are available from community and career colleges. In addition to high school graduation, many schools require candidates to have a minimum typing speed of 60 words per minute, as well as intermediate computer skills.


Work experience is usually obtained through the college training program, and nearly all administrative assistant programs include work placement terms. The students typically complete a job placement in at least two settings: general administration and working as a personal assistant. The purpose of these two placements is to allow students to get first-hand experience of what it's like to work in these settings.

The first step to become an assistant to the regional manager is to develop computer and word processing skills. There are many programs available to learn these skills. Computer programs to teach typing have improved dramatically in the past few years, with intuitive programs, games, and work-related exercises. Additional skills in time management, English writing, and dictation can be very helpful as well.

Many people who are interested in working as an assistant to a regional manager start their careers in a general administrative role. Working in an office environment in any capacity provides the ability to learn what types of skills are required to be successful. There is a great deal of teamwork and collaboration involved in working for a senior manager, so positions such as this one are often filled by candidates with many years of working experience. People should invest the time to keep their computer skills current, as this technology is constantly changing.



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