How do I Become an Administrative Services Manager?

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The skills necessary to become an administrative services manager include problem solving, conflict management, interpersonal relationship and critical thinking. An administrative services manager is responsible for coordinating an administrative staff in a medium to large company. He or she typically is accountable for the productivity and efficiency of all administrative functions.

Someone who wants to become an administrative service manager typically is detail-oriented, possesses leadership qualities and takes pride in his or her work. Standard office hours are kept, with very little demand for overtime in most organizations. The ability to deal with a constantly changing environment and conflicting priorities is central. Anyone who does not like change and finds interruptions upsetting will not be happy as an administrative services manager.

Post-secondary education in business administration or a related field is recommended for anyone who wants to become an administrative services manager. A two- or three-year program from a community college provides the training and skills used in this position. Although this is often considered a female-dominated career choice, it is increasingly common for a man to want to become an administrative services manager. The number of job opportunities are quite high, compensation is attractive, and the work can be interesting.


Related work experience includes customer service, project coordination, supervising employees and working as an administrative assistant. This experience can be obtained through part-time employment as a customer service representative, receptionist, accounting clerk or similar role. Management experience that includes supervising other employees can be hard to obtain. Look to volunteer organizations as a way of building these skills.

The typical career path for anyone who wants to become an administrative services manager starts with an administrative assistant position. Consistent performance, outstanding attendance and a good attitude is essential. Look for ways to contribute to the company, either through reducing expenses or increasing efficiency. Talk with the human resources department about what steps are required to make the transition into an administrative service role. Most businesses prefer to promote from within, and human resources staff members can provide advice on how to increase your suitability for promotion.

Employment opportunities can be found in almost all industries and economic sectors. Look for companies with a minimum of 10 people working in central administration, because these employers will see the value of an administrative services manager. Avoid small businesses that might offer a position with a manager title but no actual staff members to supervise. Both the title and the experience are necessary to be successful in this position.



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