How Do I Become an Assistant Finance Manager?

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An assistant finance manager helps the finance director or manager of an organization prepare reports, review accounts, conduct audits and make financial decisions on behalf of an entity. Someone wishing to become an assistant finance manager must typically graduate from high school and complete a finance related college degree. Additionally, many employers require applicants for these roles to have undergone some vocational training.

Many job applicants view the assistant finance manager job as a stepping-stone on the way to eventually becoming a manager. Since most employers require finance managers to have completed undergraduate degrees in topics such as accounting, economics or finance many people planning to become an assistant finance manager also complete one of these college courses. Additionally, some accounting firms even require both managers and assistants to have completed postgraduate degrees that focus on a particular element of finance or accounting.

Some community colleges offer short-term vocational training courses in bookkeeping, accounting and other administrative duties. Many employers accept applications for assistant finance manager jobs from people who have successfully completed one of these courses even if they do not possess a college degree. Some employers pay for junior members of the finance department to enroll in these courses so that in-house employees have the requisite skills when assistant manager jobs become vacant.


In many regions and countries, industry associations and government agencies administer examinations for people working in the finance field. Normally, the examinations test the students’ knowledge of accounting practices, basic tax rules and standard bookkeeping procedures. People who successfully pass the examination receive a license or a certificate of completion. Someone wishing to become an assistant finance manager may have to obtain such license before applying for a job.

Accounting firms, banks and finance companies often employ university undergraduates as interns. These students are taught about the firm's operating procedures and about financial management and accounting as a whole. While interns are not typically paid, in many instances companies offer jobs to students who perform well during these training periods. Consequently, many students apply for internships in order to increase their chances of landing a finance manager or assistant manager job upon graduation.

While many large companies require assistant managers to have college degrees or licenses, small firms sometimes employ high school graduates in these roles. Typically, these firms employ school leavers in entry-level finance jobs and provide on-the-job training to these individuals. After a certain period of time, these workers are able to apply for more senior roles including assistant manager jobs. Generally, people in these roles earn less than their counterparts at large firms that have more stringent job requirements.



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