How Do I Become an Assistant Business Manager?

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An individual looking to become an assistant business manager should meet the basic qualifications of the position. This includes obtaining the right amount of experience and education. In addition, an assistant business manager must possess the personal skills necessary to succeed in the position.

Assistant business managers work alongside managers, often in an effort to groom them for a future manager position. They often assist managers with administrative tasks, such as document and presentation preparation, and employee monitoring, coaching and training. Assistant business managers are employed in a wide range of industries and businesses, ranging from small independent stores to large conglomerates.

Most assistant business managers enter the position via one of two methods, through experience or education. Some without formal business education will work in an entry-level position and work their way up through the ranks, gaining the knowledge they need as they progress. This will provide them with not only the experience they need to fulfill the role of an assistant business manager, but will also provide them with unique insight into the daily operations of the business. Candidates taking this path often understand each position and its contributions and importance to the overall function of the business.


Pursuing formal education and training through the pursuit of a postsecondary degree is another option for an individual hoping to become an assistant business manager. While most management positions will require a bachelor’s degree in a business-related field, such as finance, economics and business administration, others may accept candidates with an associate’s degree. Management positions within specific fields, such as medicine and human resources, may require specific degrees. These candidates may not have a thorough understanding of the operation of a specific business; however they do have the skills and knowledge necessary to quickly adapt and learn the business model.

Beyond the education and experience required to become an assistant business manager, interested individuals must possess a specific skill set to succeed. Communication skills are of utmost importance, as they allow assistant managers to communicate effectively with upper-management and employees under their watch. Other skills that are pertinent to the position include critical thinking and the ability to delegate.

An individual looking to become an assistant business manager should also demonstrate other intangible qualities. Individuals in management set the tone for all employees, so they need to adhere to company policies and guidelines. They should be honest and be of high moral character. In addition, due to the nature and possible sensitivity of the information they may handle, a person hoping to become an assistant business manager must also be trustworthy.



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