How do I Become an Asset Manager?

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An asset manager is a financial professional who oversees portfolios for clients. Well-trained in all areas of investment, an asset manager needs to be a good communicator and have a knack for success in the financial arena. In order to become an asset manager, a person will need to prove his or her abilities through educational degrees, personal skills, and a demonstrable understanding of investment managing.

The path to become an asset manager usually begins in college. Many professionals in the financial management field have at least a bachelor's degree in a business-related area. Some experts also recommend pursuing a graduate degree in a finance field as well, though it is sometimes possible to obtain employment without one. In addition to traditional university programs, many business degrees that could help a person become an asset manager are available through online education. The flexibility of online schooling may allow a person who wants to become an asset manager as a second career to pursue training goals while still retaining employment in a current career.

Many experts recommend interning or taking summer jobs with financial companies while in school. Taking opportunities to work in the field can help a person start a professional reputation before he or she even finishes school. Interning or working as a junior employee can give valuable experience and create future contacts that may be used to find jobs after graduation. Even though jobs at this level may involve little or no pay and include a certain amount of drudge work, they can pay excellent dividends in the years to come.

It is extremely important to become familiar with the terms, major players, and primary theories of finance while training to become an asset manager. There are many magazines and journals devoted to the finance world; some experts recommend subscribing to at least one major publication to help expand knowledge. Reading monthly or regularly publicized periodicals can help keep knowledge and information current, as well as familiarize readers with the lingo, slang, and common terms of the field.

One of the best ways to become an asset manager is to show investing talent. Even with a very small initial investment, a financial professional can start to prove his or her capability by making smart decisions about a personal portfolio. Making successful investments and growing a personal portfolio can serve as evidence to potential employees and clients that a new asset manager is worth his or her salary.


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