How Do I Become an Administration Trainee?

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To become an administration trainee, you will likely need to be hired for an entry-level administrative job in an organization or business. The educational or training requirements for these jobs vary. You will usually need at least a high school education, though an associate’s or bachelor’s degree may be necessary for some positions as well as career advancement into senior-level administrative or management positions. In addition, you may be expected to have some general office or business-related experience, unless you become an administration trainee through an apprenticeship or internship program.

An administration trainee is someone who is being trained for an administrative function within an organization. The functions that administrators perform vary significantly between employers, which means that the qualifications necessary to become an administration trainee will likewise vary. You may find that the educational or career credentials necessary to be hired for an administrator job are likely to be identical or similar to those required for a trainee job, unless your trainee position is part of a formal internship or apprentice program in which your work as a trainee is part of your educational program.


If you want to become an administration trainee in an industry or at a place of employment that does not require you to obtain specific educational credentials, such as a college degree or professional certification, you may be able to apply directly for a trainee job or be hired from a lower-level position within a company. In the latter case, you could apply for a job as a receptionist or in some area of office administration and, after proving to be a good worker for several months, ask to be considered for a trainee position in an administrative capacity.

In some cases, you may be required to have specific skills or knowledge to become an administration trainee. For example, many jobs in administration require candidates to have strong computer skills. You may also be expected to be able to use various software packages, including database, spreadsheet, and graphic design software. In situations where you don’t have these skills, you may be able to acquire them through adult education classes, vocational schools, or community college programs. Formal apprenticeships, which can typically be arranged through government and private employment agencies, may also provide you with the skills that you need to become an administration trainee via classroom courses that you attend while also working for an employer.



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