How Do I Become a Wiring Technician?

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A wiring technician works on machines and devices that rely on wires or cables to operate. Depending on his or her job level, a wiring technician might be responsible for following instructions composed by designers and engineers, fixing and optimizing wired equipment, or even creating his or her own wiring plans. To become a wiring technician, it is essential that you have an aptitude for putting things together and fixing pieces of equipment, such as appliances and entertainment devices. It is also important that you are able to follow instructions, think critically, and communicate well verbally. To become a wiring technician, it might be necessary to perform customer service and quality assurance duties.

To become a wiring technician, your first step should be to earn a high school diploma or equivalency degree. While you are studying for this certification, make sure that you take courses that introduce you to principles and practices commonly used in electrical engineering and similar fields. Most academic programs allow students to take electives. These classes are offered so that students can discover and develop skills and talents.


In most cases, it is not necessary to earn a college degree to become a wiring technician. It can be valuable, however, to enter a technical or vocational school where you can learn the trade of a wiring technician. In this kind of program, you not only learn about real world practices and get experience using actual equipment, but you can also get tips about how to compose a resume and impress employers at interviews.

Professional certification might be available in some regions. In order to earn this kind of certification, you normally have to pass a proficiency exam. Vocational or technical training can prepare you to pass this kind of test.

For individuals who are more interested in wiring technician jobs in which they can act as engineers or designers, a college education in a field such as power or electrical engineering is advisable. In most case, you should take courses in engineering, mathematics, and physics. Make sure that you get experience using design software.

Regardless of your aspirations, to become a wiring technician, you should first plan on working in entry level positions. For those who are pursuing academic or professional certification, it might be a good idea to perform internships while still in school. Update your resume with each new experience you gain and skill you learn.



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