What Are the Different Types of Service Technicians?

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Service technicians are the engineers that build and service the complicated machines that industrialized society has come to rely on. These workers wire houses, fix cars, and keep computers running. As these professionals may exist in almost any setting, they are often grouped by the type of equipment that they service. For clarity, technician job openings may be further categorized as on-site or field positions.

On-site service technicians work in the same place every day. In most cases, this means that customers bring their equipment to the technician for repair. Cell phones, small appliances, and vehicles are often maintained in this way. Many electronics manufacturers have facilities dedicated to repairing goods that are still under warranty.

Conversely, field service technicians travel to the sites where the machinery is installed. Often, these workers specialize in equipment that is too large to be readily moved. Sometimes, however, this service is offered as a convenience to customers. These engineers can expect frequent local travel and possible extended business trips.

Electricians are specialized service technicians who specialize in electrical wiring. Generally, these technicians work in the field repairing damaged wiring or setting up power in new structures. Larger facilities, including sizable housing complexes and factories, may hire on-site electricians for routine maintenance.


Computer service technicians may also work with wiring and electricity but only as it relates to computer hardware. These individuals frequently work one-on-one with single devices in service centers. Public demand, however, has led to many of these centers to offer house calls for computer installation and repair. Larger jobs, such as server rooms, almost always require field work as do corporate customers.

With rare exceptions, automobile service technicians work on-site in body shops or garages. Most commonly, these individuals offer general repairs to cars and other motorized vehicles as either mechanics or auto body specialists. The former works with the parts of the vehicle that keep the machine running. The latter specializes in the aesthetic features of the car, including painting and repairing collision damage to a car's body. In highly populated areas, automobile technicians may specialize in certain types of repairs or vehicle manufacturers.

Some service technician positions require only a high school diploma and on-the-job training. More frequently, however, these jobs require, at minimum, a two-year degree in a related field. Certification in specific skills sets may also be required. Service engineers in almost every field enjoy higher wages per hour than the national average.



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