How do I Become a Wedding Photographer?

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No two wedding are ever exactly the same. Some are quiet and low-key, while others are more lavish affairs, straight from a movie script. Because of this, the job of a wedding photographer can be both exciting and lucrative. It is a challenging career, requiring creativity, patience, and an eye for detail. A wedding photographer needs to know how to get the perfect shots, the ones that capture both the events and emotions of the day.

If you want to become a wedding photographer, the first thing you will need is a lot of camera know-how and experience. There are multiple ways to get this. The most obvious way is to attend a photography school. This will provide you with a considerable amount of technical knowledge and techniques that will be essential to your career. The other way is to work for a while with another wedding photographer, learning the trade from him or her.

Purchase a high quality camera and practice. Learn the camera inside and out. Work with different angles, types of lighting, and poses, which can help you to develop your photographic vision. Don't try to copy someone else's work; you want your shots to stand out from the crowd. At the same time, however, you want to still be able to get the shots the bride and groom want. Take some of your best shots to start building a portfolio.


Volunteer your services to friends and family members who are getting married. Make them a copy of the digital pictures that they can enlarge themselves, and make copies for yourself to go into your portfolio. This will give you some of the experience you need to get started as a wedding photographer.

After you have built up an impressive portfolio, begin advertising your work. Ask the couples whom you have photographed to let other engaged friends know about you. Have family and friends spread the word that you have begun a career as a wedding photographer. As you build up more experience, begin advertising your services.

It can take time to become a well-known and respected wedding photographer. You must be able to respond positively to stress, and produce the pictures that the couple wants. Wedding photographs are one of the most cherished reminders a couple takes away from their wedding. If you can provide your customers with pictures they will cherish for years to come, you can become a very successful wedding photographer.



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