How do I Become a Viticulturist?

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If you want to become a viticulturist, you may find that specific job requirements vary between employers. While some employers prefer applicants who have particular educational backgrounds, others may be willing to train good candidates. For the most part, you should plan to acquire some general experience working on a vineyard for a few years before you begin actively looking for a position as a viticulturist. If you have a bachelor's degree in horticulture or viticulture, it might help you to find a position more easily. Candidates who have a master's degree in one of these disciplines may be able to find a management position regardless of whether they have any experience working on a vineyard.

Viticulturists are responsible for using scientific concepts to aid in the grape-growing process. Having this type of knowledge helps professionals in the field to know how to grow grapes specifically for certain types of wine. Anyone who wants to become a viticulturist should have an aptitude for working outdoors with a variety of different types of plants, since this is normally a large part of the daily work day.


People who are employed in this profession also usually become involved in the facility management process, though they do not always start out as managers. To become a viticulturist and be successful in this career field, you should understand some of the most essential financial applications that are involved in the day-to-day process of operating a vineyard. It is possible that you will be able to obtain this knowledge by working in one of several different jobs on a vineyard. You might also consider taking some general business or finance courses at a local college, in order to obtain a solid background in the financial applications that you may use as a viticulturist.

If you become a viticulturist, you might be responsible for coordinating vineyard activities and schedules, along with the facility manager, vineyard director, or the owner. It is generally helpful if you feel at ease communicating with a variety of different types of people, as this will enable you to effectively perform the duties of your job. To excel in this job, you should have excellent communication skills, both verbally and in writing. On occasion, you may be required to communicate with other employees, and, in such situations, it is typically helpful if you are able to convey your thoughts with precision and conciseness.



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