How Do I Become a Vineyard Manager?

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Vineyard managers are leaders who oversee the process of growing grapes on plantations and then harvesting the crops for sale. These individuals must have solid communication and interpersonal skills for training employees and evaluating their performance regularly. An individual who seeks to become a vineyard manager should complete four years of post-secondary training and gain some practical industry experience, which will make him or her more attractive to potential employers.

If you desire to become a vineyard manager, you need to complete a four-year bachelor’s degree in the area of agriculture or viticulture. To become enrolled in this type of training program, you must provide your high school course transcript as well as your high school diploma or the equivalent certification to your desired college’s admissions team. Schools also ask that you submit scores from any standardized tests that you have taken and complete their admissions forms.

Educational programs in this field introduce you to the nature of the soil and plants that constitute vineyards. You need to study how different types of plants thrive based on environmental factors such as sunlight and water. Courses also teach you the different layers of dirt that make up the earth along with the ways in which plants and soil interact. These classes are important if you want to become a vineyard manager because these individuals are responsible for making sure that the best conditions are available for growing vines that bear grapes.


A combination of business and farming classes also are important to enter this career area. An individual who wants to become a vineyard manager should learn how to create budgets and make sure that the amount of plants that he or she plans for his or her grape plantation is in line with a company’s established financial goals. In addition, you must learn how to use pesticides safely to protect crops from insect damage as well as how to use fertilizers appropriately for stimulating plant growth without causing harm to the environment.

Aspiring leaders of vineyards should look for internships in this field. This is necessary to give you hands-on experience with helping a company to predict how many crops will be produced prior to the time harvest, along with honing your skills in determining whether grapes are ripe for picking. Your school can provide you with the name of local businesses that are willing to accept interns. These companies might be open to hiring you after you earn your degree if you seek to become a vineyard manager.



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