How do I Become a Travel Secretary?

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A travel secretary works at a travel agency or other travel office, typically as an assistant to a travel agent. To become a travel secretary it will often be necessary to have some experience as an assistant in an office environment already. There is typically no formal education required in order to become a travel secretary aside from a high school diploma; some professional administrative assistants may complete certification programs or associate's degrees in business.

On a daily basis, a travel secretary may be responsible for answering phones, assisting customers who come into the travel agency, verifying the accuracy of travel packages or holiday tours, filing, maintaining records, taking care of cash or credit card deposits, and other tasks depending on the size of the office and the number of employees. A travel secretary will not typically be responsible for creating travel packages or booking trips. Instead, those who want to become a travel secretary should be available to help the travel agent with his or her workload.


To become a travel secretary it is necessary to have excellent computer skills as well as customer service skills. Much of the work will likely take place on a computer using various programs, so it is important to have some basic knowledge as well as a willingness to learn. In addition, the ability to remain patient, polite, respectful, and calm when dealing with customers who may become angry or frustrated is very important for a successful travel secretary.

Calling or visiting local travel agencies is a necessary step to become a travel secretary. Bring a professional looking resume, and dress appropriately. Remember, because you will often be the first person someone sees when visiting the travel agency, it is necessary to make an excellent first impression when applying for the job.

Most travel agencies will want to hire someone who has some secretarial or administrative assistant experience, but some may be willing to train a new person if they seem sufficiently knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the job. For this reason, it is important to approach every interview with as much prior knowledge as possible. Learn about the travel agency beforehand, as well as the travel industry. It is also a good idea to come prepared with some thoughtful questions. Presenting yourself well, and appearing knowledgeable about travel is one of the best ways to become a travel secretary.



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