How do I Become a Trainer?

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In order to become a trainer, there is a combination of education and experience in fitness training required. A fitness trainer is someone who leads fitness classes, and provides guidance, knowledge and expertise to individual clients looking to improve their personal fitness levels. Fitness trainers have a large impact on people’s lives and play an important part of the transition to a healthy, active lifestyle.

The educational requirements to become a trainer can vary quite widely. All fitness and health clubs require their trainers to have a valid first aid and CPR certificate. This certificate must be renewed annually and is a requirement for employment. The type and level of education required as a fitness trainer depends on the type of training that you will be offering and the type of fitness club you are working for.

There are a wide range of certification programs for fitness trainers. Some offer a broad perspective on the different methods and schools of fitness training, while others offer a more specialized approach in a specific school or technique. Most people who want to become a trainer start off with a general diploma or degree in fitness, physical education, or health. Included in these programs are courses on nutrition, accounting, marketing and business management. All these skills are necessary to advance your career as a trainer.


Experience as a trainer can be obtained through co-operative programs organized by your school or through volunteering to assist in a trainer-led class. When gaining experience as a trainer, take the time after each class to review the performance, listing the good and bad points. Work to improve your performance each time to ensure that you are delivering a quality, consistent fitness program.

Many people who want to become trainers are fitness class enthusiasts. This can be a great part-time job while going to college or working full-time at another job. The hours are typically evening and weekends, providing a steady second income stream while keeping you fit and healthy.

To develop a roster of private clients, teach a wide range of classes, from beginner to advance in the same location for a minimum of six months. Take the time to provide tips and encouragement to your students, and let them know that you offer private training. Register your services at the local fitness club as a personal trainer to expand your client base.

It is important to remember that fitness training tends to be a fairly short career. After three to five years, most fitness trainers have moved onto private consulting, management or other related services. Make sure that you have a clear phase two in mind when you are preparing to become a trainer.



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