What are the Different Personal Training Jobs?

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Personal trainers help people achieve healthy lifestyles by helping them lose weight and get into peak physical shape. Trainers frequently implement individualized fitness regimens to people to attain their goals. They provide safety tips, encouragement and support throughout the training process. There are many personal training jobs available in different specialties, such as general fitness training, weight training, nutrition and exercise instruction, and athletic coaching.

Local fitness gyms offer several different types of personal training jobs. Gyms staff personal trainers to help evaluate gym members and design the proper workout programs around their abilities and fitness goals. General fitness trainers are typically very familiar with a variety of exercise routines, and able to implement their knowledge to create the best custom fitness programs for clients. Some personal trainers visit clients' homes, either because the clients cannot make it to the gym or simply prefer working out in a more comfortable atmosphere.

A weightlifting trainer helps people build muscle and burn fat through intensive weight training. He or she determines what type of weight machines a person should use, as well as how much weight and how many repetitions are appropriate. The trainer helps individuals learn proper, safe lifting techniques and acts as a spotter when lifting takes place.


Nutrition and exercise specialists perform the same general duties as other fitness trainers, as well as providing clients with helpful information about diets and healthy living strategies. They stress the importance of eating right and maintaining a high activity level, in addition to training in a gym. Personal training jobs in this specialty often require professionals to have extensive knowledge of dietetics.

Many personal training jobs can be found in athletic institutions, including professional and college sports teams. Athletic trainers help men and women engage in training specifically for their sport. They create programs that enhance a player's abilities while helping to prevent injuries. For example, a soccer trainer might design a special program for a player that involves extensive running to increase stamina, while a football trainer might initiate a weightlifting routine to help an athlete increase upper body strength.

Professionals in most personal training jobs must become certified. Certification is offered by several different accredited institutions, and often entails classroom work focusing health and safety, first aid, and CPR. Many programs require a prospective trainer to pass a written and practical examination to prove his or her mastery of training techniques. Once certified, a new trainer often observes experienced professionals in a gym or other setting for up to a year before working alone.



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