How Do I Become a Special Events Coordinator?

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Those looking to become a special events coordinator should possess specific qualifications and experience to succeed in the position. Typical qualifications for someone looking to become a special events coordinator include education relevant to the field, specific experience and knowledge related to event planning, and the ability to interact with a wide variety of people. Personality traits, such as a positive attitude and outgoing nature, can also help someone looking to become a special events coordinator.

Special events coordinators handle all aspects of event planning for various organizations, businesses, and individuals. This includes deciding on a location, contracting with necessary vendors, and marketing the event. Other tasks commonly performed by special events coordinators include developing a budget, interacting with the media, and handling last minute details as they arise.

Those looking to become a special events coordinator should have education related to the field of event planning. After obtaining a high school diploma, most event planners will need to acquire a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field. Options include degrees related to communications, public relations, and event planning. Coursework that will help those hoping to become a special events coordinator include those related to communications, business, and mathematics.


Experience and knowledge related to event planning can be a benefit to those looking to enter the profession. Special events coordinators should understand the basics surrounding event planning. Experience drafting guest lists, analyzing a budget, and interviewing and choosing vendors, such as caterers and equipment rental companies, is a must for the profession. Some gain experience planning private events, such as birthday parties and weddings, for friends and family.

Someone looking to become a special events coordinator should be able to interact with people from a variety of backgrounds. Clients can range from businesses and charity organizations from varying socioeconomic backgrounds. Special events coordinators also need to be able to easily transition from speaking with clients to negotiating with vendors and suppliers. This requires a good deal of tact and excellent communication skills.

Special events coordinators should possess some specific personality traits, and should be outgoing, friendly, and courteous. These traits can help event planners interact with all levels of a corporation and attract business if they decide to form their own company. Other traits that can help someone looking to become a special events coordinator are a positive attitude, charismatic nature, and the ability to influence others when presenting ideas to a small or large group of people.



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