How Do I Become a Singing Tutor?

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In order to become a singing tutor, a singer must have a good knowledge of different singing styles, good vocal skills, communication skills, and patience with pupils. The best tutors also have a boundless enthusiasm for singing and music in general, and it can be an advantage for a tutor to play an instrument. A degree or other qualification in music with a performance focus is an advantage for anybody wanting to become a singing tutor. Getting a teaching certificate from a musical organization is also a good way for tutors to improve their chances. Tutors can teach private pupils or in schools and colleges.

The most important requirement for anybody wishing to become a singing tutor is an excellent singing voice and knowledge of the field of singing. Tutors may be required to teach pupils interested in different singing styles and pupils of differing skill levels. The ideal tutor would therefore have a strong knowledge of the different singing styles and be able to identify the techniques used in them. Another important factor is the communication with the pupil, which requires both solid communication skills and patience with slower pupils.


Many degrees and other qualifications can help a tutor find work, and these can be obtained through organizations and universities around the world. In order to become a singing tutor in a professional setting such as a school, some higher education in music is a bonus. Higher education is also useful for tutors wanting to work for private clients. Any qualification taken should have a focus on performance, rather than theory, but a general understanding of theory is also important.

Obtaining a teaching certificate from a musical organization can also help a person hoping to become a singing tutor. This provides potential tutors with a teaching qualification of some sort and makes them appear more suitable for a particular role. Many different organizations offer teaching qualifications, and some can even be completed online. Taking the time to complete one can help a singing tutor get an edge over the competition.

Finding work is the final task for people wanting to become a singing tutor. Most singing tutors advertise on websites, bulletin boards, and in magazines to find private pupils. It is also possible to find work teaching students who attend an academic institution. Schools may bring in a singing tutor to work individually with interested students or to give instruction to a class or group.



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