How do I Become a Sexual Assault Attorney?

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In most jurisdictions, the requirements for becoming a sexual assault attorney include college and law school. Typically, college degree programs last for about four years, and law school typically requires a three-year commitment to studying law. In most cases, you will also have to pass the bar exam, which is a legal exam required for earning a license to practice law in your jurisdiction. As you work to become a sexual assault attorney, you may also benefit from interning with a law firm that handles sexual abuse cases or an organization that works with sexual offenders or their victims.

Typically, you will need a secondary school diploma to gain admission to college and begin your journey to become a sexual assault attorney. Some colleges also accept equivalency diplomas, such as general educational development diplomas. Once you are enrolled in college, you will typically have to pursue a four-year degree in preparation for law school. In most cases, you can choose any major that interests you. Those that are related to psychology or criminal justice may provide particularly relevant preparation, however.

During your last year of college, you will usually have to seek admission to law school in order to become a sexual assault attorney. In most cases, law schools will consider college transcripts, pre-admissions test scores, recommendations, and sometimes interviews and essays in deciding whether to admit you. A law school may also consider your interests, hobbies, and past participation in extracurricular activities and internships in making its admission decision.

Once you are enrolled in law school, you will usually have to spend three years studying to become a lawyer. You will likely take a range of required law courses as you work toward earning a legal degree. You may, however, choose to take courses in criminal law, law and sexuality, and gender-related law courses as you work toward becoming a sexual assault lawyer. Additionally, you may use internships with law firms and other organizations that handle matters related to sexual assault to prepare you for focusing on sexual assault in your future legal career.

While earning a law degree is a critical step as you work to become a sexual assault attorney, you will still have a major step to take. In most jurisdictions, you will have to pass a legal exam to earn a license to practice law. Once you’ve passed the required exam, you can seek a job as a sexual assault lawyer.

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