How Do I Become a Quality Control Supervisor?

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Although a higher education is not always needed to become a quality control supervisor, most agencies may prefer that you have a college degree in a science related field. Education and experience requirements will vary depending on the company because this position is offered by a variety of companies, ranging from the food industry to pharmaceuticals. The first step that you should take to become a quality control supervisor is to research the industry, job descriptions, and general requirements. Many government agencies also offer this position, especially in various environmental divisions.

Once you have decided on the field that you would like to enter, you should search for a four year university that has a program that is related to your career decision. Many students choose environmental science, biology, chemistry, or food sciences, depending on their area of interest. You will need to successfully complete any necessary prerequisites before enrolling in advanced coursework for your major. In addition to science courses, you may consider taking several business courses in order to become a quality control supervisor. During college, you should apply to internships that will help you gain experience in your field.


Many universities offer quality assurance internships, which will prepare you to become a quality control supervisor by allowing you to participate in general activities performed by this position. These programs usually last several months and are designed to train you to perform most of the duties involved in this career. This type of experience will be important to future employers because most companies are interested in work history as well as academic background.

In addition to a degree and internship experience, you may want to consider enrolling in a certification course before you become a quality control supervisor. There are a variety of short term programs that are designed to teach you specific aspects of the industry, including work plans and process procedures, inspection plans, technical resources, and inspection reports. Some jurisdictions and jobs may require that you have certain certification or licensing, which you will have to inquire about before applying. Training courses are relatively inexpensive and may be offered on the Internet or at a local vocational school.

Interpersonal skills and leadership qualities are equally important in this field because you will be overseeing a number of employees. You should also be familiar with various office computer programs because this position involves data entry and other computer based duties. The ability to work well with a team will improve your chances to become a quality control supervisor.



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