How Do I Become a Quality Assurance Supervisor?

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People who work in quality assurance are responsible for overseeing products and processes to ensure that they are up to regulatory compliance, as well as up to internal standards of quality. To become a quality assurance supervisor, it is important to earn an undergraduate degree in a field in which you would like to work. For example, if you want to become a quality assurance supervisor in food or drug, you might get a background in chemistry or food science, while a person who is interested in the manufacturing industry might choose a degree in electrical engineering. It is also important to get a minimum of two years of experience performing quality work, as well as training or experience in leadership.

Levels of responsibility associated with quality assurance supervisor roles vary by employer and industry. In one company, this kind of professional might be responsible for keeping up with new regulations and laws related to quality and might attend meetings and presentations with high level management. Other employers, however, might hire professionals who act as shift supervisors and who might be highly knowledgeable of relevant procedures but who may not have a highly technical understanding.


To become a quality assurance supervisor, it often is important to get an undergraduate degree in a related field. In some cases, however, people do end up in supervisor roles with associate or vocational degrees. These individuals tend to have an equivalent amount of professional experience. It is common for a quality assurance supervisor to be a go-to person whom team members can count on for instruction and general guidance. In some instances, quality assurance supervisors might make final decisions regarding issues related to quality or production.

Many people who work in quality assurance get a few of experience in production prior to working in quality. They learn about how different practices affect production. A person who wants to become a quality assurance supervisor should plan on working a few years in this kind of position and learning about how his or her organization structured and which kinds of tools, such as software and machines, are used in processes. To make the transition to quality assurance, it might be necessary to enroll in professional development courses and to earn a quality certificate.

An individual who would like to become a quality assurance supervisor should also prepare to become a leader in his or her department. A good way to prepare for this role is to apply for project management opportunities. Some people enroll in management courses. It might be a good idea to express your aspirations to a human resource professional or manager to learn if your employer has any recommendations for leadership training.



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