How do I Become a Press Release Writer?

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If you want to become a press release writer, you should first research public relations jobs. Writing in public relations is both informational and promotional. Press releases are written pieces about newsworthy activities or actions taken by a company. They get attention for a company by being published in newspapers, trade magazines, online news websites, television broadcasts and other forms of media. To become a press release writer, you must be able to write to promote a business in the format of presenting factual information.

Unlike direct marketing promotions that persuade readers or viewers of the benefits of products, then compel them to take a specific action such as place an order or request more information, press releases are never blatantly promotional. They often work in being promotional as they create attention for a company and a new product, invention or breakthrough, but press releases present facts. A merger involving another company, a new product launch or a drastic switch in the way a certain business conducts itself are all reasons that a firm may issue a press release. Focusing on one particular item or event the company wants to communicate is an important skill you must have to become a press release writer.


There are several good ways to learn to write effective press releases. Look for books on the topic published by reputable companies. Also, find well-written releases to study by looking on corporate websites. If you analyze published press releases, you'll begin noticing patterns such as a reporting type of style, quotes from the principals involved in the story and company contact information at the end of the release. Most importantly, there must be a newsworthy focus which you must learn to capture if you hope to become a press release writer.

Media typically won't publish a press release unless it's deemed as being newsworthy by editors. News stations or newspapers won't broadcast or publish a release that blatantly promotes a company; high sales figures alone aren't newsy, while a switch to environmentally friendly manufacturing techniques is likely to be. If your client pays you, as a press release writer, but the piece isn't picked up by the media, he or she is out the money spent on you. The client is likely to complain as well as not hire you again. Therefore, it's crucial to know the expectations of each television station and newspaper if you want to become a press release writer who stays in business.



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