How do I Become a Personal Image Consultant?

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Susan Fiske, professor of psychology at Princeton University, explained that people are judged based on how they look. According to the professor, attractive people are credited with being more socially skilled. For this reason, among others, the personal image consultant industry has flourished. People hire image consultants so that they can enhance their interpersonal skills and improve their appearance. Individuals who want to become a personal image consultant help people increase their confidence.

Most people who want to become a personal image consultant have a strong desire to help people look good. To become a personal image consultant, an individual must learn to advise others on factors such as their wardrobe, makeup, and communication. Image consulting is a very fulfilling and rewarding career for individuals who want to help others excel professional and personally.

One of the main ways that people become a personal image consultant is by getting professional training. There are a myriad of professional institutes that offer certification for people that want to become a personal image consultant. Earning a certification validates credibility and can also be used as a marketing tool to attract potential clients.


Image consultants must learn how to work with a large range of people. Some of the people who an image consultant can expect to work with are corporate executives, politicians, beauty pageant contestants, and women and men that simply want a new look. Other image consultants may donate their services to underprivileged job seekers that need a boost in their wardrobe for interviews.

One of the most important things that an individual must do on his or her quest to become a personal image consultant is network. Some of the professionals that image consultants should develop business relationships with include hair stylists, dietitians, dentists, makeup artists, personal trainers, and voice coaches. In some cases, an image consultant should also personally know a plastic surgeon that he or she can refer clients to.

An image consultant needs to display a professional and put-together image at all times so that he or she can attract clients. The way that a personal image consultant behaves and dresses often represents the type of services he or she can offer. Image consultants with a polished personal image consultants are more likely to be hired.

Etiquette also plays an integral role in the life of an image consultant. Image consultants must know the proper thing to say or do in social settings. Image consultants can continue their education and training by learning about things such as business and social etiquette.



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