What are Personal Image Consultants?

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People who wish to behave and look their best in social and business settings may hire personal image consultants to help them. This assistance typically involves analysis of any current problems, coaching in how to change, and support through the process. Personal image consultants can work to enhance the personal or professional image of their clients by making changes in their appearance, behavior, and communication skills.

An image consultant often begins the process by analyzing a client’s current state, in order to understand his or her unique needs. Personal image consultants often make a plan for improvement based on this analysis. To implement the plan, consultants may enlist the help of hair and makeup stylists, physicians, personal trainers, or other experts in related fields.

Some personal image consultants advise people about implementing changes through seminars or lectures on image enhancement. Others provide support and encouragement through the makeover process, working through a comprehensive long-term plan with their clients. Still others provide specialized services in specific areas, such as fashion consultants, wedding image consultants, shopping specialists, and branding specialists.

Appearance changes are often the first step made by personal image consultants who are helping a client. Updated apparel, makeup, and hairstyles are common alterations in this area. Some clients may be asked to make more drastic physical changes, such as weight loss or plastic surgery.


In order to maintain a new appearance, many consultants show clients examples of the advised styles or colors best suited to them. The personal image consultant will often accompany clients to the store or buy products for them. Consultants may coach a client in proper personal grooming as well.

Beyond wardrobe and grooming advice, many personal image consultants also coach their clients in positive behaviors such as etiquette, social protocols, and stress management. Consultants who offer help with behavior often try to enhance their client’s self-confidence. This may require an image consultant to tailor the program to the client’s unique personality, rather than simply prescribing general behavior changes.

Personal image consultants often teach their clients to use verbal communication more effectively. Consultants may instruct their clients in proper pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary. They may also coach them in how to make conversation with other people. Some image consultants help their clients improve conflict resolution skills.

Many image consultants also value non-verbal communication. They may coach their clients to understand and communicate non-verbal cues in conversation. These cues often include posture, eye contact, and other forms of body language.



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