How do I Become a Mechanical Engineering Technician?

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To become a mechanical engineering technician, it is generally required that you receive some sort of formal education. This may include a two- or four-year college degree, depending on your location and the level of expertise you hope to achieve. To get started, you should look into technical colleges and universities in your area and online to find one that offers mechanical engineering training.

In many areas, you will only need a two-year associate's degree in order to become a mechanical engineering technician. These can often be obtained at technical colleges, community colleges, or trade schools. You should start your search locally to find the right school. Call around and speak to student advisors about the courses they have available and to discuss the enrollment process. You may also take a tour of the campus and meet some of your potential teachers.

An online college is another good option for obtaining your degree. There are many reputable online colleges available, and many offer flexible scheduling and tuition assistance. Speak with officials at potential online schools to get more information. Remember to check for all credentials with the educational institution where you live, as well as the school's accreditation and any licensing issues for practicing in your area.


While in school, you may choose to take part in an apprenticeship program. This is a part-time position in which you work alongside current professionals in the industry to learn the ropes. You may find this to be a great way to become a mechanical engineering technician after graduation, because you will already have your foot in the door with a credible place of employment.

Once you have gotten your required education, you can continue by speaking with local employers about any potential positions. To find employers, speak with former students and professors to find out where recent graduates have been able to become a mechanical engineering technician in your area. You should also check with local job listings to find out who is hiring.

Write a resume that includes any skills you may have relating to mechanical engineering. Includes any apprenticeships you have completed, education, as well as any prior work you'd done that may prove beneficial in the field. If you don't have any prior experience that is related, choose a few work or personal stories to include and mention how those experiences will help you on the job. For instance, if you have worked in a retail environment, you can mention that you are used to working under pressure.



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