How Do I Become a Geography Tutor?

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You will need an extensive background in geography or geography concepts in order to become a geography tutor, but if you are a student yourself, don't worry; you may still be able to become a tutor at your school. You will need to decide if you want to volunteer your services or if you intend to get paid, as this may affect the steps you need to take to become a geography tutor. Regardless of what type of tutoring you intend to offer, it is important that you build your credentials and write a resume to show to potential students in need of your help.

Professional tutors should have a college degree or must be working toward one. You can earn a degree in geography or a related field in order to become a geography tutor. If you are still a student, you may be able to get jobs as a tutor for lower level students only; a college student can, for example, tutor high school students or even other college students who are enrolled in lower level classes. If you want to become a geography tutor for upper level college students, however, you will either need to have a degree already, or you will need to demonstrate exceptional knowledge and skills in that area.


You can become a geography tutor online as well. Various tutoring agencies will hire experts in various fields, and they will set you up with clients who are in need of tutoring services. You will probably get paid an hourly wage, but you will have to do little work to find clients and set up appointments. If you choose to become a geography tutor independently, you will need to actively seek out clients yourself, which can be more work. One way to do so is to contact local schools, specifically science and history departments, and give your contact information. Teachers or administrators may be able to refer students to you if they are impressed with your credentials.

You can also be hired by an educational institution to become a geography tutor exclusively for that school. In this case, students in need of extra guidance outside the classroom will be referred to you directly from a teacher. You will have the advantage of being able to talk to that student's teacher about developing a tutoring plan, but you may be limited in your scheduling abilities, as tutoring sessions may need to take place during school hours or immediately after school.



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