What Does a Geography Tutor Do?

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The study of the earth and those inhabiting it is geography. A geography tutor might provide one-on-one teaching about a particular country and the culture found within it. This could be done by using textbooks or online resources to find out more about the area. Maps or globes might also be used by this academic tutor to help students visualize the physical location of different countries. Study guidance might also be provided for special projects such as map-making or writing research papers.

Some students may need a geography tutor if they are having difficulty understanding this subject. In this instance, an educational tutor could review textbook materials and could even provide study guides for them to follow. He or she could also develop quizzes or tests to measure how well these pupils are retaining information. In some cases, it might be necessary to perform further research on the Internet, so a geography tutor could develop lesson plans based on various websites.


A major concept in studying geography is being able to locate certain places on a map. Practice plays an important role in doing this, so many students find themselves needing to reference these materials often. A geography tutor may have maps of several continents, which can be used to provide teaching guidance. These maps could be very detailed ones that show certain terrain features, or they might simply be used to show the borders between different nations. This academic tutor could also use a globe, and this could be helpful when learning about latitude and longitude lines and the international date system.

Geography teachers often assign special projects to their students, many of which could require assistance. Some of these projects could involve drawing maps, making plaster casts of mountain ranges, or a variety of research projects. A geography tutor may be asked to give advice on completing these projects or could even assist with making maps or creating certain terrain features. This individual might also proofread research papers for accuracy or give advice about resources to use when drafting these documents.

There are generally no educational requirements needed to become a geography tutor; however, this professional should enjoy studying different cultures and types of terrain. A great deal of patience is usually needed, especially when this academic tutor may often be required to work with children. Other helpful skills include a basic knowledge of history and good reading and writing skills.



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