How do I Become a Fundraising Consultant?

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A fundraising consultant is a person who helps organizations plan fundraising events and programs and raise the money they need. A person with this title often works with non-profit organizations that need to raise money, but may also assist with political campaign fundraising. A person in this field may even help neighborhood citizens who want to raise money for an important cause. Unlike other careers, you probably won’t need a particular educational background or certification to become a fundraising consultant. Most clients are likely to be more interested in your experience and track record for producing results.

Volunteer work is one way in which you may prepare to become a fundraising consultant. You may do well to learn about fundraising events in your area as well as organizations that are beginning fundraising programs. Once you’ve learned where your help may be needed, you may contact the organizations and volunteer your services. Volunteering may not only allow you to learn fundraising processes, but may also help you gain contacts and network. Once you are ready to become a fundraising consultant, these contacts may prove invaluable.

As you prepare to become a fundraising consultant, you don’t have to limit your volunteer activities to organizations with which you aren’t familiar. If you belong to a church or club that is planning a fundraising event or program, it may appreciate your help. You may also suggest a fundraising event for an organization with which you are involved. Then, you may be able to help plan it and learn the process from the very beginning.

Since you may not necessarily go to school to learn fundraising, you may do well to secure some education on your own. For example, you may read books about fundraising as you prepare to become a fundraising consultant. You may also take advantage of workshops and seminars that teach the ins and outs of fundraising and help you build important skills.

Landing a job with a consulting firm may also help you as you work toward becoming a fundraising consultant. Even an entry-level position may allow you to learn more about fundraising and consulting. If you can land a position as an assistant to a fundraising consultant, such a job may provide excellent preparation as well.

Once you’re ready to become a fundraising consultant, you may do well to research the laws in your area and learn whether you need business licensing or special licensing to work as a consultant. After handling the legal requirements, you can then go on to seek out clients. You may have the best result if you start out with smaller organizations and build your reputation before attempting to work with larger companies.



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