How Do I Become a Chinese Language Tutor?

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In order to become a Chinese language tutor, you will first need to develop skills speaking, reading, and writing Chinese. If you are a native speaker of Chinese, you are well ahead of the game, but if Chinese is your second language, it may be necessary to earn a college degree or take college coursework to learn how to speak, read, and write the language. You will need some strong credentials in order to become a Chinese language tutor, though there are few specific regulations you will need to meet in order to offer services.

If you intend to become a Chinese language tutor at a specific educational institution, you should do some research first to find out what specific requirements you will need to meet in order to work for the school. Some schools will allow students who are working toward a degree to become a Chinese language tutor, while others prefer tutors who already hold language degrees. Still others will only hire native Chinese speakers. Find out what the requirements are and do your best to fulfill those requirements when applying for a tutoring position.


You can also become a Chinese language tutor without working for a specific educational institution. You can offer your services on a freelance basis, but you will need to figure out a good way to advertise your tutoring business to students in need of extra help outside the classroom. You may choose to advertise in the local newspaper, on websites, or with flyers on a college campus. When advertising, be sure to tout your experience with the language and any official credentials you may hold, such as teaching certification or training, as well as any training in reading, writing, or speaking Chinese.

Make sure you research any local laws or regulations regarding tutoring. You may need to apply for a specific license in order to become a Chinese language tutor, or you may need to get certain clearances such as a fingerprint clearance card. Rules and regulations can vary by region. You may also consider applying for a job with a tutoring agency. These companies offer services online or in-person, and you will essentially work for this private company that will set up tutoring sessions between you and a student in need of guidance. This is a much easier option than starting your own tutoring business, but you will need to do a bit of research to find reliable, reputable tutoring agencies.



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