How do I Become a Business Broker?

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A business broker is someone who serves as a middleman in the buying and selling of businesses. Essentially, a person in this field connects owners of businesses for sale with individuals or companies that want to buy them. A business broker may perform many different tasks, including marketing businesses for sale, discussing businesses with potential buyers, and assisting them with selecting business opportunities. She may also assist with the sales negotiation process.

It is relatively easy to become a business broker, as many countries do not have licensing requirements for this field. However, there are some places in the United States that require people to become licensed real estate agents before they can move into business brokering. Additionally, it is best to have some business industry knowledge and sales ability before becoming a business broker.

To gain a leg up in this field, a person may seek training in order to become a business broker. With training under her belt, a new broker may find it easier to convince potential buyers and business sellers to trust her throughout the sales process. Additionally, adequate training may help a person to avoid making common mistakes that could damage her reputation and hurt her business.


There are many training choices for someone who wants to become a business broker. An individual may decide to undergo training at home. In such a case, she may simply buy books or manuals that she can read and learn from at her convenience. Alternatively, she may enroll in an online training course that allows her to learn from home at her own pace. In some cases, a person may even find an established business broker to work with and learn the business from.

Some people may choose a more traditional route to become a business broker. For example, a person may start out as a business owner first, which may help her to understand and empathize with potential business buyers. She may also earn a degree in business, either on the bachelor's or master's level. While these things are not absolute necessities, they may go a long way towards establishing a new business broker's credibility in the field.

A person may choose to attend a school that focuses on business brokering. These schools provide training that covers all or most aspects of business brokering, including marketing. Some of them also provide marketing assistance for new brokers. The International Business Brokers Association provides information about such schools.

A specialty may be a good idea for a person who wants to become a business broker. Instead of just focusing on a wide range of business types, she may select one type of business to sell. For example, she may focus on the food industry or retail establishments. Specializing may make a broker seem more knowledgeable about her dealings, which can attract more clients.

One of the most important parts of becoming a business broker is figuring out how to get new clients. This means establishing an effective marketing plan, which may include advertising in newspapers, placing ads in business publications, buying ad space in trade magazines, and setting up a website. Additionally, a big part of the business may be searching for business owners who may be interested in selling their companies, contacting them by phone or through the mail to offer business brokering services. Additionally, attending conferences and seminars where business owners gather is another way to stay close to potential clients.



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The American Business Brokers Association offers a seminar for individuals wishing to enter the profession. The seminar is an intensive, two-day, hands-on program designed to give participants the knowledge, skills, forms, legal documents, marketing templates, etc. needed to enter the profession.

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