How Do I Get a Master's of International Business Degree?

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The road to a career in global business often begins by getting a master of international business degree. This specialized type of master of business administration (MBA) degree is highly demanding, and requires students to meet eligibility requirements, pass rigorous classes, and complete an innovative project or thesis. During the program, students must work hard to comprehend the broad field of international business by studying international law, accounting and finance training, and global politics.

Applying to a master of international business degree program is the first step toward a career in the global business world. Students may need to do some research on the types of accredited programs available before picking the best universities for their individual needs. While some schools offer a traditional university experience, accredited online and distance learning programs can also award a master of international business degree. Students may also want to spend time examining programs in other countries, as studying in a foreign nation will give them a head start on an international career.


Many master of international business programs have strict prerequisites that must be met in order for a student to be eligible for admission. In many schools, a bachelor's degree is required, although it does not necessarily have to be in a related field. Some programs require students to complete and score well on standardized examinations, such as the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). Other requirements may include fluency in a second language, a history of work or internships in the business world, and a high grade point average. Schools are often highly competitive, and students are usually encouraged to apply to several programs in case they are not admitted to their top choices.

During the education process, students must complete classes, assignments, and research projects in order to advance. Most programs consist of core classes that must be taken by all students, and electives that allow a student to focus on his or her particular interests. Core classes for a master of international business degree might include basic classes in accounting, fundamentals of business, and macroeconomics. Elective courses are generally more specific and may include classes on the politics and culture of a specific region or international real estate.

In many programs, students will be required to complete a thesis project or paper during the last portion of their education. Thesis requirements may vary by program, but might include entrepreneurial enterprises, analysis of the global business market, or research papers on a specific international company. Students generally work with a faculty adviser during the process, and may need to successfully defend their work in front of a thesis committee in order to graduate. Once a thesis has been approved, and all classes completed satisfactorily, a student may then be eligible to receive a masters of international business degree.



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